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Clipping Path Service

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a very useful and special Photoshop technique. The main tool is Pen tool. It is used for removing the background of image. Commonly, it is used when the objects of the picture has sharp edges and smooth edges. This technique allows the clipping path stay straight. It is a very important technique. It makes the photos of certain product to be real and natural. Everything depends on the image. It is rather important to take time when creating clipping path.

The Need of Clipping Path

For e-commerce, the photography must be perfect, must be edited wisely and must be looked appealing, in order, the buyers will want to buy them. So, that is why, here comes the need of clipping path technique, which can make the pictures of the products unique. The professional editors replace objects and colors, change the size of image etc. This picture clipping technique utilizing for magazines, journals and e commerce photography.

The main process includes:
● Changing of background
● Removing the background
● Deleting of unnecessary objects
● Altering the size of an image
● Appending necessary borders

Clipping Path for Shoe Photography

If the customers want to have the highest quality photo of their shoe products, the editing service and the professional editors can make the images gorgeous.

The process includes:
Making white backdrop – The picture of a product will look well and more appealing.
Smooth the borders – The image of a product will be more natural.
Disposal of dust – The photo will look perfect.
Cut out small defects – The image will be without any defects.
Disposal of creases – The photo will be natural with a soft touch.

Clipping Path for Food Photography

Original clipping path can make the photo of food to look more palatable. No matter, where the customers are going to use those photos, in the restaurants, in the cafes or just in advertisement, the good and well edited photo of food will enlarge the percent of sales.

It includes the following process:
● Removing the backdrop
● Fixing the borders
● The correction of colors
● Dust, small defects disposal

Clipping Path for Cosmetics Photography

If the customers want to make the photos of their cosmetic products more luxurious and precious, the retoucher will do it perfectly. The customers can use the pictures for online stores.

It includes the following process:
● Removing of background
● Fixing the borders
● The correction of color
● Dust disposal
● Defects disposal
● Folds disposal

Clipping Path for Ecommerce Photography

Online shopping is rather popular today. Thousand of people sell products online. But not everybody succeed, because of wrong photo editing. So, for making perfect images of certain products, photo editing plays a great role in it. Clipping path service includes the necessary tools for making perfect image for sale.

It includes:
● Changing or removing the backdrop
● Fixing the borders
● The correction of colors
● Removing dust, minor defects on the picture
● Removing the folds

Background Removal

Almost every customer wants to observe the products with white background, in order, to understand what is it and is it worth to buy. Remove picture background can be done with the help of professional retouchers. They can not only append white background, they, also can match the colors according to the brand aesthetic. The editors can append backgrounds for advertisement, for selling by creating creative photos.

The Categories of Background Removal Services

There are several categories:
● Basic shaped objects
● Simple shaped objects
● Medium shaped objects
● Complex shaped objects
● Ghost mannequin effect
● Cut out unwanted objects
● Remove picture background
● Clipping path
● Image masking
● Edit pictures backdrops

Clipping Path Services

The “Fixpics” is the best professional photo clipping path service. The editors and retouchers do very professional work. The guarantee of quality images is provided. We have great experience and skills for editing different photos, whether it is event, wedding, party or personal occasion. Here, exists several reasons why clipping path service is worth your attention:
● The workers work very fast
● The workers satisfy every client’s needs
● The quality of work is provided
● The service is online
● Exist discounts for customers
● The service gives an opportunity for everybody to make orders
● The service promises the safety of each photo
● The team includes specialized editors and retouchers
● Individual approach

The work is a great pleasure for the workers of the company. Though the work is rather difficult, it takes much time and efforts, the professional does very detailed and good work. We know the secrets of good photo retouch. Our company accepts orders every time the client wants.

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