Color Correction Service

What is Color Correction?

Color correction is a special technique and is used by professional editors and retouchers, in order to change the color of an image. This is the first and fundamental move in photo editing. This is done in order to balance the color of an image.

Regulation of colors is the main thing for every retoucher who provides the picture`s look. If the retouchers chose wrong editing settings and instruments, their picture may look boring and sad. It may also be incorrectly shown on other displays or printed materials. Here, will be the necessity of color correction services offer a helping hand, in order to correct the mistakes and editing photo color perfectly.

The Process of Color Correction

It is rather long and detailed work, requiring much attention and efforts. Every picture must be suited to every situation and event. There will not be any unnecessary thing, object, in order not to spoil the picture. Here, the retouchers play the fundamental role in creating incredible photos. The process in itself is rather complicated. There, exists a great variety of instruments, which allow the customers to work with it.

Color photo editing includes several steps:
● White balance
● The correction of the contrast
● Balancing temperature of the image
● Regulation of the shadows
● Highlights
● Balancing the sharpness

Categories of Color Correction

This photo retouch is rather demanded today. It changes the original picture into something more truthful. It can be done with the help of Adobe Photoshop or LightRoom.

The categories include:
1. Color correction for PhotographersThe photographers do they work by photographing. But, this is not their final work. They, also, must retrofit the picture`s color balance, intensity or regulation of contrast. If they want to make their images more eye-catching and more attractive they need to do the regulation.
2. Wedding Photo Color CorrectionToday, everybody wants to make every event special and unique. The editors will turn the simple pictures into unforgettable photos.
3. Portrait Color CorrectionHere, can be suggested regulation and changing of skin tone, eye-sharping and the tone of the whole photo, making it like a portrait in magazines and journals.
4. Glamour color correctionGlamour photo retouch can give an opportunity to change the hair color, make up and improvement of model`s look. With the help of Photoshop, the image will be perfect for publishing in fashion magazines and journals.
5. Commercial photographyEvery single detail is taken into consideration. In commercial projects, the exact balance of light and color, brightness and contrast is the most important in every shot. The detailed operating of each individual object, as well as, the general toning of the photo. It makes the products wanted for the buyers.
6. Outside photo color correctionIt will make the outdoor pictures more colorful and lively, in nature. Here suggests the regulation of the contrast, increasing the colors and the correction of the temperature.
7. E-commerce Products Color CorrectionE commerce known as Internet commerce, refers to buying and selling products, with the usage of Internet. In order, to sell goods and products, there need good pictures. Product photos can appeal customers with perfect editing. A great picture can lose attraction without good photo editing.

Special Color Correction service “Fixpics”

People’s needs and tastes vary a lot. Someone needs not retouched pictures of their products, other need edited and professional photos for selling or buying something. If people want to have good advertisement for this or that product and memorable and perfect pictures of their event, here, comes the need of professional services, which gives the opportunity to satisfy every client’s need. The special services offer customers a range of different opportunities of editing and retouching. The only thing which is left is to decide what to choose.

The company “Fixpics” has great experience in editing and retouching photos. The professionals work with every kind of picture (size, shape) and guarantee the best quality and good work. Our team is responsible for every picture. We take into consideration every client’s desire and vision. The customers should not worry about the safety of their personal pictures and stay calm.

In conclusion, the service offers changing and the correction of the colors of the certain product , showing that the thing can be in different colors, then there is no need to take a photo of each, but rather take a picture, and the professional editors will change the colors. The best color correction service “Fixpics” can help to have incredible and memorable pictures and can help to promote the business by editing the photos of the certain product.


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