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Drop Shadow / Mirror Effect Service

What is Drop Shadow Effect?

Drop shadow mirror effect is professional photo retouching, which is used by professional editors and by professional retouchers. A drop shadow makes the images more appealing and more attractive, giving them a natural look. It is a visual impact on the picture, which consists of different elements, like shadow or reflection of an object.

Drop Shadow is most often used in the e-Commerce industry to give the product a more interesting look. Depending on the client’s needs, the object in the image is given a realistic shadow or reflection, as if it lies on the surface. This makes the thing look three-dimensional and the picture begins to look more pleasing to the eye.

Usually, drop shadow is used in conjunction with the background removal. First, the background is removed or replaced. Then dust or other unnecessary details are removed from the object. Finally, is added shadow to picture to make it as attractive as possible.

Types of Shadow – What is Mirror Effect?

Quite popular and usually used service is mirror effect. It is rather complicated and detailed work. It needs patience. However, the people being professional in this sphere, can do the work quick and perfect, in order to satisfy customer`s need. Photo mirror effect is the duplication of the object, making it look doubled. By doing this, the picture will be more natural and will be more appealing for buyer.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection shadow can create the impression, that the snapshot was photographed on a reflective surface like a mirror effect. It makes the images more appealing and can produce the sense of natural. Reflection shadows consider being dramatic, but, however, they particularly, not much difficult to append.

Natural Shadow

With natural shadow the image will be more realistic and more natural. Working with Photoshop and utilizing the necessary instruments, allows to create natural and real photos. The shadow will look as if real light is utilized at a certain angle, which gives the effect of a shadow that actually falls from the object.

Realization of Shadow / Mirror Effect

Photoshop plays the main and the essential part in creating mirror effect and editing drop shadow images. The process considers being not much complicated, but needs attention and originality. The editors must raise photos from amateur to professional. It does not require much money or large team of workers, but requires desire and much attention to work.

To achieve the wanted results in creating perfect pictures play essential role the appending of colors. Here, must be paid attention to the picture, in order to make it eye-catching and the highlights must be added to the image. It can make certain objects on the image more visible.

Drop Shadow Services

Shadow creation is rather efficient way to make the picture gorgeous. It gives the beauty to the image. Nowadays, everybody wants to have perfect images in magazines, catalogs, websites and even on products. So that is why the help of unique and special companies required.

The service “Fixpics” can turn every single image into masterpiece. With the help of professional editors and retouchers, every single detail must be taken into consideration and every work will be done as the customer requires. In the natural and in mirror effects, also, drop and reflection shadow effect, create the same feeling of the mirror and natural look. That kind of images will catch attention at once.

Here the following benefits for working with the service:
● Quality of work
● Professional editors and retouchers
● Quickness of work
● Safety of photos
● Best prices
● Individual approach

So, the professional editors of the company work quickly, and they always do an excellent job. Images make the products alive. Moreover, if there is a need of growing the business and make great advertisement of the certain products online, to have benefits from the certain product, the service is professional at that sphere. The quality is provided. Photo editing, mirror effect and shadow services, is very important and the agency “Fixpics” can help to achieve the wanted results in retouching.


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