Answers to frequently asked questions

How can we get started?

You can contact us through the ORDER NOW order form, through the CONTACT US form, or write to us at info@fixpics.pro. In a response letter, our manager will send you a convenient online form for placing an order. In it you can indicate what kind of work we need to do, its volume, if necessary write a detailed technical task, as well as attach photos that we can use, as an example of style what you like in the processing process. Our experts will make the cost calculation as soon as possible, as well as the time it will take to complete the work and will immediately contact you. After agreeing with you all the details, we immediately begin to work.

How can I send you a photos?

You can upload photos to one of the services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer, Hightail etc.) and send us a link with the source to info@fixpics.pro. In case that you have large files, you can write to us about this and we will give you access to our Google Drive.

How can I pay for your services?

We can accept payment for services from you using Payoneer, ePayments, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

When will I get ready-made photos?

We will fulfill your order and return the finished photos to you within 48 hours.

FAQDo you have a partner program?

Absolutely! You can earn 10% of the first order and 5% of all subsequent orders of the client you brought. To do this, you need someone from your friends to order services from us using your promotional code. This will give you the opportunity to earn from all of his subsequent orders. The customer, in turn, will receive an additional 10%, in addition to the usual 30% discount on the first order, which will give him not 30%, but as 40% discount. You can invite people an unlimited number of times, passively earning money on all their subsequent orders. In order to receive a promotional code, you just need to write us a letter with the subject line of the letter “I want to be your partner” and we will send you a short online form for registration in our partner system. Then we will send you your promotional code.

Do you have any discounts?

Of course! We provide a -30% discount on first order for all our customers!

How else can I get a discount?

To do this, you need one of your friends to order services from us using your promo-code. This will give you a discount of 30% on the next order and 30% discount for your friend to the second order (because all our new customers automatically receive 30% discount on the first order). After someone uses your promo code, you will automatically receive a letter saying that your discount is waiting for you. You can invite friends unlimited number of times, saving your money on subsequent orders. In order to receive a promo-code, you just need to write us a letter with the subject of the letter “I want a discount for a friend” and we will send it to you.

How can I send you large files?

In case you need to send us large files, we can provide you access to our Google Drive drive.

What types of files do you work with?

We work with any image format (JPG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, NEF, CR2, PSD, BMP, GIF and etc.)

What guarantees that you will not deceive me?

You do not risk anything, since you will need to make any payment after you receive the finished work and only when you are will be 100% satisfied with the quality.

Do you have a free trial period?

No, we do not have a free trial, but we have a 30% discount on all first orders.

Can you process photos for Ebay or Amazon?

Of course! We work with many private sellers from Ebay, Amason, Etsy and other e-commerce sites. We also work with top photographers, retailers, e-commerce sites, brands, agencies, catalog companies, web design houses, printing and pre-press companies, sport-clothing companies, etc.

Is there any limit on the size or number of photos that I can send you?

No, there are no limits. If you need to send us large files, we provide access to our Google Drive drive.

Why should I choose you?

Low price (start from $ 0.19), high quality and speed, round-the-clock support, 100% privacy, convenient payment methods, and most importantly, post-payment. You pay only after you get the finished work and you can check its quality. Accordingly, you do not bear any financial risks.

How is the quality control in your company?

Quality control takes place in two stages. After finishing work, the retoucher runs the entire project using certain software settings to identify defects or defects and corrects them. After that, the entire project is checked again by the quality control manager.

Can I get photos faster?

We always return your finished photos within 48 hours, but there are situations when you need to get photos even faster. We are ready to do the job faster for an additional fee, prices are indicated in the price list (https://www.fixpics.pro/price).

Will you post my photos anywhere?

No, don’t worry, we value our customers and adhere to the privacy policy. We never use any information related to a client without his knowledge.

What types of photos can you process?

We offer the professional processing service for any type of images: Pro photos post-processing service, Headshots enhancement, Clipping-path for e-commerce purchasing, Product photo retouching, Remove image background online service, Wedding editing, Food photos editing, Editing real estate photos, Enhancement service, Portrait enhancement, Newborn photos editing, Digital image manipulation services, Old picture restoration, Jewelry retouching and etc.

How can I get a -30% discount?

Each new customer automatically receives a 30% discount on the first order. Just write us ☺.

How much will I have to pay extra if I want to make additional edits?

You do not need to pay anything for additional edits. We will make as many edits as you need for your complete satisfaction with the work.

Can I get psd files?

Yes, you can get psd files of your finished photos for an additional fee, prices are indicated in the price list (https://www.fixpics.pro/price). But the need to obtain psd files should always be discussed before the start of the order.

Will I receive any notice when the photos are ready?

Of course! As soon as the photos are ready, we will immediately send you an email with a link to download the finished photos.

How long do you keep photos of your clients?

All ready-made photos, as well as your originals, we store for free for one month, after which the photos are deleted. You have the opportunity to extend the storage period of all your files with us for an additional fee, prices are indicated in the price list (https://www.fixpics.pro/price).

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