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Food Photo Retouching Service

The illusion surrounding food photography is a kind of recent appearance. Professional food photography is considered to be a piece of art. It usually includes art director, professional photographer, a food designer, a prop designer, and of course many assistants.

How to edit food photography?

Now it is a rather popular question and it seems easy, but it is not like that. Food photography is about the beauty and is all about the things bringing into real life. It requires attention and detailed work, in order to make photo memorable. Having eyes for detail is very important.

Food photography editing tips should be mentioned, as it is rather important:
1. Curves – Every photographer should decide his own style. He should define the light, the picture, the frames, brightness and opposition.
2. Solid color – There is a special tool: solid color tool. It is a layer of a color and photographer can choose any color he wants, right over photo.
3. Color balance – Photographer can make corrections of tones, shadows and brightness.
Food photography editing is rather difficult work. But it can be very interesting if people dive in it.

There also exist some ways of food photo improvements:
replacement of the background
● clipping path
● improve contrast/sharpness
● editing / deleting defects
● degradation
● color/saturation correction of products
● light correction
● correction of small objects, their addition
● color change
● mirror effect
● shadow enhancement
● glass removal

Today food photography is at its peak. People invite photographers to take photos of their restaurant`s menu and then show photos online, in order to make the place popular. They put photos especially on Instagram. Something should be said and should not remain without notice.

There is a special service “Fixpics” which is specializing in professional editing food photos. The main goal is to simplify the lives of customers and bring the quality of their photos to a new level.

Why you choose our Food Photography Editing Services?

If the photos are boring and not look so tasty, the company will do his best to editing food photography, bringing into life and make them look more tastier.

No matter how appetizing and beautiful food is, it can look boring without good retouch of photos. So, that is why all those involved in online advertising in the field of food contact with the company: Instagram bloggers, chefs, restaurants, cafes, delivery services. It all can be an ad, but people should do, in order to sell and to pass the beauty of the product. For example, Instagram bloggers need to have beautiful page for selling the products, chefs need menu which looks tasty, so as the customers will order everything, delivery services need to have a good ad of the service.

Our staff are experts and they use Photoshop for food photography editing, which can turn photos into something incredible, that seeing the photo people can already feel the smell and taste of the dish. They have perfect approach. They can make the colors of the food photo more beautiful.

In addition, they work online and by doing it, they give an opportunity to many other people from the whole world to work with them.

Food on plateFood on plate

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