Free Raw Format Photos

Free RAW format photos

What is Raw?

Raw format – the format of the source files of a digital camera obtained directly from its matrix. In contrast to the more common for all .jpg format, uncompressed information is stored in the raw file, which gives more options for processing photos. Modern photo editing software makes it possible to edit the image, as it is necessary before convert raw to jpeg. Depending on the brand of the camera, raw image can have a different format (.cr2, .pef, .nef, .wmf, .orf and others).

Best Raw photo editing software


Free Raw Format Photos
Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-known digital photo editors. It has very ample opportunities for editing Raw images. One of the distinguishing features of Lightroom is the ability to conveniently catalog photos.

Camera Raw

Free Raw Format Photos
Camera raw is a plugin built into Photoshop, created by Adobe company. It is made on the same engine as Lightroom, therefore it has almost all the same tools for processing raw images as Lightroom. The plugin was created to allow Photoshop users to work with raw files without leaving the program.

Capture One

Free Raw Format Photos
Capture One is another digital photo editor from the Danish company Phase One who does an excellent job with raw photos. Just as Lightroom has the ability to catalog photographs and all the necessary tools for image editing. Has a reputation as one of the best programs to work with color.

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