Ghost Mannequin (Neck Joint)

Ghost Mannequin (also known as Neck Joint) is a special process of photo editing, when an item of clothing is separated from a model’s body or a mannequin so that the cloth remains the only visible object in the picture. Neck Joint is frequently used by eCommerce garment vendors to present their gallery of clothing collections and draw a more professional look to a business. Ghost Mannequin can be seen throughout various online shops – even worldwide famous garment retailers and brands such as Gap, Zalando, Gucci, Prada, Nike etc. give their products a neck-joint visual.

What is Ghost Mannequin

Specifically, invisible neck-joint photos include some modular object that is used to build a shape for human chest and arms. Then mannequin’s pieces are gradually removed to get a perfectly ‘ghosted’ cloth without shaping parts.

A complex process comes into action to create Neck Joint photos:
● Editors utilize two types of shots – one with an item dressed on the mannequin while the other displays some invisible part of an item (usually those behind the neck).
● Then these two photos get merged into a single one with special techniques.
● After that editors have to meticulously remove little details to provide a final look, with this very hollow-man effect.
Ghost Mannequin effect requires great editing skills, so newbies to Photoshop are rarely able to get through intricacies because there are so many different photo manipulations to consider..

How Ghost Mannequin photography service can help you?

For the most part, Neck Joint helps businesses to exhibit their products in a commercially applicable way. Some online shops, however, stick to classic model shoots, but there is one considerable shortcoming to this: people might be put off by irrelevant backgrounds or extremely fit models. Your buyers do not know yet how an item of clothing is going to look on them in particular, and this could be a reason why they jump off their shopping train. Neck Joint emphasizes the products, not the model, so good photo showcases may be your ‘number one’ factor of success. You really want to use ghost mannequins to raise conversion and improve sales rates.

Can I edit ghostly photos on my own?

Even though most of us crave for cutting on the budget, it is not recommended to go alone. The problem is you can take some camera, install studio lighting and get nice angles, but editing requires a completely different approach. Which is why you might have seen a few Neck Joint services, offering professionals to take care of editing for you. If you are a Photoshop wizard and know the whole specter of pitfalls, then go ahead and create photos of your own. If you barely know what ‘eraser tool’ means, it is better to leave it to reputable services which specialize in garment photo editing like Fixpics.

Why you should choose our Neck Joint service

Among service variety, Fixpics keep photography leveling up. We have been operating in the industry long enough to provide you best of affordable, top-notch, guaranteed and precise services so that your product showcase online will surely become a thing. Our professional customer support is always ready to help you with any issues on the docket, but most of all, we aspire to best quality. Our team of professional editors is going to make your photos worth your customers’ while. Besides, we always try to maintain one of the lowest pricing policies for our services. Spend your time wisely and on point while Fixpics is fixing your pics to save your valuable time.

Ghost Mannequin (Neck Joint) ServiceGhost Mannequin (Neck Joint) Service



Ghost Mannequin (Neck Joint) ServiceGhost Mannequin (Neck Joint) Service



Ghost Mannequin (Neck Joint) ServiceGhost Mannequin (Neck Joint) Service