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Image Masking Service

What is Photo Masking?

Photo masking service considers to be the most valuable and patient service in photo editing. It is a special and unique editing technique, which allows the editors to disposal the background of a photo in difficult places such as hair, fur, between tree branches, etc. After these processes applying masking. Various kind of photos need various kind of clipping mask in digital image processing.

This is rather complex type of image editing, demands much attention, professionalism, creativity and patience, as well.

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is a special act of disposal the background of an image. Image masking is utilized to affirm that the format of the certain photo is unaffected. Photoshop Image masking is much alike to the clipping path. But, originally, the clipping path disposals the backdrop from the certain picture, while image masking disposals the background with the accurate format and component of an image. Masking image is more effectual and more constructive process.

Types of Image Masking

It has several types:
1. Layer masksIt is a fundamental instrument in image manipulations. It allows to buy selection define the transparency of the layer they belong to.
2. Clipping MaskIt is a group of stratum to which a mask utilized.
3. Alpha channel maskIt is, originally, a mask. There is the option to apply none of the additional channels.
4. Masking Transparent ObjectsIt segregate the whole background of the photo.

Significance of Image Masking Service

If the photo does not appealing, if it has defects and is full of unnecessary objects, here, the masking image service offers a helping hand. Not everybody can succeed in photo editing, especially in image masking. It is rather long and difficult work. Here, is needed special knowledge and skill. Only professional editors and retouchers can work with such kind of services. They can make the photos perfectly edited. The editors will do their best to edit photos like the customers want. They can move and change the colors, they can replace and cut the objects and edges, outline, soften many turn, such as hair, fur, transparent images, like smoke, light, flames and others.

A few method should be mentioned in masking image processing:
Removal of background
● Removal of colors of an object
● Removal of human hair and fur from an image
● Isolate the certain product from background with real and natural soft
● Final touch

Image Masking Service Categories

Making, editing and covering a picture is not simple work. It is rather difficult. Removal hair and fur from an image is the most difficult part in image masking process. Here, with the help of Photoshop, the wanted results will come true.

The categories include:
LayerWith the help of Photoshop, the editor masks the edges of an image, giving the soft and smooth touch.
Alpha channelIt is a separation of an object from background. It is for editing brightness and contrast of a image.
Hair and furIt is a division of hair and fur from backdrop. The image will be looked perfect, without unnecessary objects.
Refine edgeIt is an instrument, which makes the edges softer, making the picture to look more natural.
Transparent objectsIt is a disposal of undesirable things like cars, houses, water, trees, glass and etc.
ObjectIt is a removing deformations from a picture, giving a real and natural look.
Color maskingIt is an appending or it is a correction of certain colors on the photo. It will be looked juicy and stunning, with colors.
Flesh maskingHair usually have many sides and curves and only clipping path cannot remove the background, so here, come the turn of flesh masking. It hides and removes the unnecessary object and change the background, making photo both natural and beautiful.
Collage maskingIt usually includes various pictures, images and photos together by copy. So, the collage masking decorate and design the images, making them unique and perfect image. The editors and retouchers can, also highlight or remove the background. It depends on the customer’s need.
Decorative productsMany products have very detailed design on them. So, Photoshop can mask unwanted things and make the photo of decorative products perfect for sale and for displaying at any website.

Hair Masking Images

Hair masking is very popular and useful editing technique, which can be done with the help of Photoshop and with the help of professional editor. It will make the photo more natural and more beautiful, without any unnecessary object. The perfectly edited photo is guaranteed.

Image Masking Services

Nowadays, mask images play a great part in society and in everyday life. Everybody wants to have perfect photos. People want incredible photos for different occasions. Some people need perfect edited photos for business, for restaurant`s menu, for cafes, for e commerce, for Internet stores and for websites.

Others, need perfect edited photos just for fun, for pleasure and for memory. But the goal is the same. Having beautifully edited pictures for themselves and making every occasion, event special, making the day, people, the place and the photos unforgettable.

So, the company ” Fixpics” gives such opportunity. Our team of professional editors and retouchers can achieve the wanted results. We can do the perfect editing, they can edit and do hair masking images and they can satisfy everybody’s needs. It is rather convenient to work with the company.

The service is international and can accept every order from the whole world, from any location and from any place. Having flexible, creative and sensitive editors and retouchers, the good and the work with high quality is guaranteed. The experts will decide which type of image mask service will be suitable and will be perfectly matched to an image. We have individual approach and the safety of every client`s photos is assured.

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