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Lookbook Retouching Service

What is Lookbook

Lookbook is a fashion guide, journal or a magazine. It is well designed and well styled. It represents the certain brand, the clothing line and many different goods and products.

First of all, the lookbook picture should represent the goods from the most beneficial side and transfer all the characteristics of the goods.

It is necessary thing if people want to have perfect advertisement of their products. The lookbook represents the product in action, it is an excellent advertisement and trading tool. The lookbook is the best way to show everybody, in the whole world, the new collection of this or that product and make people focus on that.

The lookbook is a business card for a brand which provides the looks from up to down. It maintained as an information and the description of the products. In creating the lookbooks, special role plays photographers, clothes designers, stylists, make up designers, photo editors and also the head of the certain collection.

The photographers should match the photos and the style to the mood of the certain collection. They should choose the special models, do fashion photography retouching, in order, to highlight the collection and advantages, with the help of the certain looks.

Lookbook Editing Process

In lookbooks, retouching is as important as the handling of the model itself. The process itself includes editing:
● color and shade of the product;
● folds – get rid of random folds and give the bow a tidy look;
● texture – convey the natural texture of the material;
● size – we edit the clothes to fit the silhouette;
● style of the certain collection – same background color for all photos, the same proportion and size of the image and also adding a logo;
● model – retouching skin tone, her hair and body, if needed.
With the help of the team of professional retouchers, every single photo will be looked perfect.

Lookbook Retouching Service

Essentially, photo retouching is the art of manipulating and correcting light, shadows, colors, backgrounds and much more. The service “Fixpics” can turn the ordinary photo into masterpiece. With the help of lookbook retouching and with the help of fashion skin retouching, the photo in the catalogue will be perfect, the collection will be precious and stunning. Without the retouching, the photos will not be so appealing for buying.

For each type of photography the service provides high retouching, to improve the ultimate result. From simple to difficult retouching, the team of professionals can suit their skills and experience to match the look that suits the costumer and their products. The service does Photoshop fashion retouch.

In conclusion, to high fashion retouching service “Fixpics” is international service. We are a leading retouching company and offers a full range of creative services. Our team of professional editors will do their best. People can be sure of the quality and the safety of their photos.

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