Photo Restoration Service

What is photo restoration?

Restoring old photos is an incredible photo service in editing. It gives an opportunity to restore ancient pictures and make it new and fresh. If the precious pictures damaged and very old, the professional editors will make them new and will give them freshness.

The significance of restoration old photos

People do not need to be sad or worried of their damaged and ancient pictures. Photo restoration services and experienced workers will make people happier by editing their old images into new pictures. It will bring years and memories back. Every customer will be delighted seeing their old photos with new touch. Today, thanks to the technology and the evolution of the image editing tools, almost any damaged photo can be restored.

Types of Photo Restoration

Repair old photos have several types:
1. Antique photo restoration – If a photo is old and ruined, by vintage restoration, the picture will get new and fresh look.
2. Restoration of harmed photos – A picture can be harmed by various and different causes, but the team of professional workers can give a new look to the image.
3. Appending some colors – Photoshop can make ruined and a photo full of scratches, look new by adding colors.
4. Color photo restoration – Color considers being the main things in picture. It is the soul of a image. That is why, it is so important to bring the colors back.
5. Faded photo restoration – If a picture is very bad and harmed, the professional workers can make it better and look new.

How to restore old photos?

Photo repair is not easy and simple work. The person who does the editing must be experienced and skilled, in order not to spoil or damage the precious pictures. The process, in itself, is rather difficult and needs time, attention and individual care toward each image.

The process includes:
Fading: restore contrast – The general form of degradation is fading. This is reason for the blacks to get less dark, and the whites to get less light. In another way: the picture starts to lose contrast.
Color photo restoration – This is known as the familiar “yellowing” of photos, actually, in those pictures from a few decades back. It neutralizes color casts. It also includes Automated Correction and Manual Correction. Automated correction is used when there is a need to remove color casts not by utilizing any specific region of a picture, but instead by observing the image as entire. Manual correction involves color balance. It is a process of warmth or coolness of a picture.
Improvement of ancient and harmed pictures – Old photos have many imperfections, in the form of defects, dust or scratches and etc. With the help of editing and with the help of professional editors whole these imperfections can be removed from a picture and it will get new and fresh look.
Fix major damages – It is a repairing of main and essential damaged parts of an image or of a face.
Fix spots or scratches – It is a process of fixing spots and scratches on the photo, giving new and fresh look.

The best process to repair damaged pictures is to work with special and professional editors.

Photo Restoration Services Fixpics – best way to restore old photos

Everybody knows very well that how it feels when the best photo memories damaged or destroyed. So, the company “Fixpics” gives large opportunity to everybody in the whole world, in any location and in any place, to get those memories, feelings and precious photos back. Our team of professional and skills editors and retouchers, will do their best in editing. We will do the restoration of any damaged photo with individual care and approach. The photos will be renewed during several hours. The restoration includes total face rebuilding, faded photo restoration, color correction, fixing the spots and scratches and repair main damage to faces. The customers can be sure in professionalism and the good quality work is guaranteed.

The service suggests Photo Restoration Service in several areas:
● Fading: restore contrast.
● Improvement of faded images.
● Color photo restoration.
● Restore blurry photos.
● Black and white photo restoration
● Improvement of ancient and harmed photos.
● Fix major damage to faces.
● Fix spots or scratches
● Improvement of the tone in the image.
● Appending selective new color schemes.
● Appending contrasting themes.
● Old to new photos with new look

The service promises the safety of each picture. The service lets the opportunity to everybody for making orders. The customers can be sure of the safety of their photos. With an individual approach, the best restoration of old to new is provided.


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