Portrait Retouching Service

What is Portrait Retouching?

Portrait photo retouching is a special process of correction, modification and improvement of portrait photos, with the help of professional editors and retouchers. This can be done with the help of professional software, such as Photoshop. The main and essential goal is to give an image better and more beautiful visual effect.

When to utilize?

Nowadays, this sphere is rather demanded and popular, as everybody wants to look perfect on the photos. The sphere is rather large. It involves network, website, Internet, snapshots from different events, anniversaries and many others. It is a presentation of a photographed face and the essential goal is to edit photo and make it incredible, without any defect, making the face flawless.

Types of Portrait Editing Services

Originally, the portrait retouching divides into three essential parts:
1. Headshot retouching – It is mainly used by actors and artists for presenting the perfectly edited pictures.
2. Photo correction services – It underlines the beauty, without any artificial impact.
3. High end portrait retouching – The main goal is to get perfect image for making it public.
h2 How to Edit Portraits?
Professional portrait editing has gained the great popularity. It has two essential and important directions of appending portrait retouching services: personal image improvement and commercial photo retouching. The first`s primary goal is to save and keep the natural beauty of a person, without appending any artificial and not natural effect. And, the second`s goal is to get high and demanded pictures for certain commercials. But, they have much in common: it has deal with single shot, which is going to be public as a magazine page. The sphere varies greatly, starting with fashion covers and ending with advertisement of certain product.

Portrait editing involves:
● Skin retouching – The removal of wrinkles, smooth of the skin, disposal of bags under eyes, disposal of blemishes and defects.
● The correction of color – The picture will be more beautifully colored.
● The improvement of contrast – The picture will be perfectly edited.
● The removal of red eyes – The color of eyes will be natural.
● The creation of realistic volume – The picture will be real and natural.

Portraiture Skin retouching considers being the main part in portrait editing. It is rather important to observe that the tone and the texture of the skin is not harmed and untouched. It is natural, real and very beautiful. Keenness, warmness, gentleness, in addition, contrast also, should be taken into consideration in portrait photo retouching. This is very important for making prestige and premium portraits.

Portrait Retouching Categories include

Face – Face plays a big role in taking portrait photos. So the face must be without any defects, incredible and flawless. It includes the process of whiten the teeth, the removal of wrinkles, picture editing blemish remover, red eyes, dark circles under eyes and stray hair.
Beauty and glamour – The face is not perfect. It is full of spots, redness, wrinkles. So, in order, to make it perfect, without any defect, the professional editing is observed. The photo will be very beautiful and glamorous.
Body – The body is not perfect. In order, to make women confident in themselves, body retouching plays essential role in editing. It will make a person taller, straighter, slimmer and etc.
Modeling – It provides with flawless, natural look and beauty to make models appearance stunning.
Portrait cleaning improvements – It removes dust, defects, unnecessary objects and things, providing with perfect look.

Retouching Headshots

It is focused just on the same problem as ordinary, simple portrait preparing. It is for presenting natural look, without any artificial effect. Headshot mainly, utilized for showing and presenting a person with not perfect look and appearance, but in natural and flawless way, as well face problems can be hidden, the wrinkles can be removed, perfect skin tone will be provided, spots and defects will be removed. That is it. The wanted picture is guaranteed.

Advantages of Portrait Retouching Services

Today, exists many and different photo editing services, offering many kinds of retouching types. Their main role is to make event, pictures, anniversaries, parties very special and memorable. Our team of professional editors and professional retoucher knows every client’s need. We will do the best to satisfy the needs and wanting of every customer.

To give the portrait a necessary look we utilize:
● Healing Brush or Clone Stamp
● Dodge and Burn technique
● Frequency Separation
● Layer Masks
● Color Balance
● Levels
● Hue/Sat Adjustment Layers
● Different Blending Modes

Ordinary picture will be changed into special and professional photo, within not much time. Advertisements, products, photos of business work can be edited perfectly and sales will increase due to well-edited photos of models on them.

Professional Portrait Retouching Services

The service “Fixpics” is professional in every sphere of editing different kind of images. Our team of professional workers can make simple pictures into wonderful and perfectly retouched photos. From day to day, the professional workers broaden their editing talents and suggest a lot of various possibilities in portrait editing and retouching. We bring pictures to another high level.

Here, exists several reasons why our company is worth to attention:
● The team involves specialized and professional editors and retouchers.
● The team of professional workers works really very fast.
● The quality of edited image is really great.
● The company “Fixpics” is international.
● The company “Fixpics” accepts every order of different shape, size and format.
● Exists discounts for customers.
● The service lets an opportunity to everybody for making orders.
● The service promises the safety of each picture.
● Individual approach.

Though, the retouching process is rather difficult, but the editors do very good and qualified work.


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