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Raster to Vector Conversion

What is Raster to Vector Conversion?

Converting raster to vector is the general term of conversion for logo, artwork or other raster images into vector with the help of Photoshop or Illustrator. Vector considers being images, created from lines.

The Significance of Raster to Vector Conversion

Vector image creation is rather popular. Nowadays, the world full of many different kind of retouching and editing services. Raster to vector conversion service is used to transfer an object from one image to another for logos, graphics, diagrams, illustrations, made with simple lines and flat colors.

This service helps to solve problems such as:
Convert logo in vector – It is used if there is no original logo file, but there is a raster image of it that is not suitable for developing layouts for printed products, branding of advertising and souvenirs.
● Turning images into vector to making the form for screen printing on T-shirts, balloons, napkins, and so.
● Creating a vector image for printing a very large size, similar to the existing simple raster picture (for example, making a banner on the facade).

Raster to Vector allows to do this tasks and the customer will get the needed image without a background in a universal vector format that can be stretched to any size.

The Distinction between Raster and Vector

Rasterizing files determined by several range of pixels. It mainly depends on the quality of a picture and it can bring to the lose of some details of the image. However, it only will be seen because of the enlargement of the image. The files will generally, become small in size.

Vector files determined by several range of points. That points create straight and crooked paths. Because, the vector files makeup of pixels, the changing of the size of an image, cannot bring to the deterioration of the picture. Vectors consider being scalable and editable. During the creation of a new logo or graphic, it avoids any quality lose when enlarging the image.

What is it Image Vectorization Service utilized for?

Vector tracing is a kind of artwork. Photoshop is the general software used for tracing vector. Professional editors can utilize Adobe illustrator and turn a raster into vector very easily. Having low resolution image, logo or any design, which during the printing lose the quality, here, the special technique offers a helping hand. It does the image more clearer and larger look without any losses of quality.

With this technique, print quality will be the best every time and it also, may change any shape, format, resize the image and change the colors. Moreover, there will be useful improvements and the picture will be looked perfect.

Vectorization and Transformation Services

Raster to vector in Photoshop is not so complicated work, but much attention, creativity and professionalism must be taken into consideration. This work can be done perfectly by professional editors and with the help of special services. The service “Fixpics” is experienced and professional editors with talent and skills. Though, the work takes much time and efforts, the professional team does very detailed and good work. Our vector conversion service has experience and provides the best possible results. We offer affordable prices and can receive orders from any location and from any place.

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